Factory tour


Overview of Huaping


Machining Workshop 1

• Machining workshop for common leaded brass & bronze material products, equipped with CNC, Multi-axis Drilling and Tapping Machine, Machining Center, etc.

Machining Workshop 2

 An independent machining workshop for Lead Free brass & bronze products exclusively, equipped with CNC, Multi-axis Drilling and Tapping Machine, etc.

Assembly and Testing Workshop

 Equipped with Automatic Assembly Line, Semi-Automatic Assembly Line, and Manual Assembly line to meeting different requirement and capacity of products.

• All valves are 100% leakage test and finished product inspected in the workshop, before packed into carton and delivered.

Automatic Assembly Line

 The import automatic assembly lines greatly improve capacity and efficiency of valve production, and also ensure a stable and solid quality by conducting 100% inspection of each valve component during process.

Forging Workshop

 In house forging workshop, equipped with forging machine of max 630 ton, can forging products up to 6 inch in size.

Annealing Process Shop
 Annealing treatment workshop, mainly for Dezincification Resistant products and materials.

Foundry Workshop
 Over 20 years of brass & bronze casting experience.
 Bronze ingot imported directly from US.


 Our laboratory facility can conduct a series of internal tests including:
- Spectrum Analysis
- Dezincification Resistant (DZR) Test
- Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCCR) Test
- 3D Measurement
- Coating Thickness Test
- Roughness Test
- Roundness Test
- Salt Spray Test
- Leakage Test
- Cycling Test
- Hydraulic Test
- High-Low Temperature Test
- Hardness Test
- Impacting Test